Tuesday, October 21, 2014

*The Meaning of Fall*

Hello beautiful crazers, how is life going?Today I just wanted to talk about my personal favorite things about fall. I honestly love it, it's literally my second favorite season (Next to summer.). It's just fall is a fun season. Especially for fashion. *Sweater Weather* yaaasss. But, honestly getting into more detail is the scarfs, boots, leggings/pants/jeans, plaid (My ultimate favorite.), beanies, and just clothing that is warm but not to hot nor cold to wear. The second part of fall I enjoy is the colors. The colors are so natural that it's beautiful. It simplifies the bold statements. It all just looks so ordinary and adorable. The oranges, yellows, browns, and reds all go so perfect together in nature's beauty. The next reason is because of the holiday. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both very unique holidays. Halloween really is just free candy and costumes and scary things all around at night. But Thanksgiving is a very beautiful holiday. Thanking everyone and everything around us all, just being thankful to be alive.. and all the food.. it kills me how much food I eat during Thanksgiving. But overall, fall is a beautiful season and has many great characteristics. Just look outside and see how everything can look so different as the days change. That was the meaning to fall to me and it means much more to me. Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Signing off,
Btw, this is my old Youtube picture, and I wanted to change the other one until I got time to edit a new one.

About Me/Contest

Libby here, welcome LOLLYS xD

Anyways, I thought as all the old posts were deleted I realised I should make a new about me, as I am in the mood to posting today I will post off schedule because it's still posting right?

About Me

12 Years Old (Young, I know..)

Always Online, yet never posting on Woozin anymore
Fast Typer 
I love wholewheat pasta
I dislike carrots completely, beans and anything that tastes like your biting into a vain. Eurrgh.
I used to play football.
I hate chalk and thinks being scratched on a piece of paper, I can't do it at all. I can't even use a pen if it makes a sound on the paper.
 I am picky on friends.

Okay, that's the basics.. now the contest.

Your job is to send a variety of funny relatable quotes to me through message or on my wall.. if I find one I like alot I will save it. The best one will then be judged by me and a real life friend who has no idea about Woozworld. The winner will recieve a:

A set of tattooz

A set of shoes
A set of furniture
A edited picture

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New Craze! New Schedule! :)

Hello! Libby here. :)

Firstly, I would like to thank my cheese poof xmelonypetloverx (MEME) for taking me under her wing and letting me be an admin helper. Thank you bae xoxo

Moving on, so glad that we have restarted craze as we can finally make it much easier to handle and things will become alot more fun. :D

Now, before I didn't really have a schedule but I honestly thought it would be a good think to make one. It would be easier for me, and you would all know when to expect me to see my posts. :)

So, here it is :D

Monday- No posting

Tuesday- Posting about the latest events
Wednesday- Luxorious Libby's Fashion Trends
Thursday- No posting
Friday- No Posting
Saturday- Hosting a contest every Saturday, keep tuned! :)
Sunday-  No Posting

So theres my schedule! All the days I say I am not posting, I could but if I don't atleast I have warned you. :)

Anyways, see you my LOLLYS

It stands for:

Okay, it's messed but deal with it.

Hello There!

Hi guys! Im Angalea, a woozen on trial. You can call me Angel too.  I'll try to post anytime I can. I will be posting any WoozNews that woozens might have missed in the last week. I know you woozens couldn't have missed the Zombeardtosis that is going around. Woozarazzi has claimed that there is a cure! It contains rare items:

               -Slime From Albino Toads
               -Sun Melted Chockoliens
               -The Head Of A Rare Purple Mushroom
               -Ground Up Rainbow Gems (which gives the cure its beautiful color)
               -Shed Hair From Golden Yetiz

  I haven't tried this yet, so i hope it works for you guys!

         Good bye for now,