Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Zhacking Point of View

Hey guys! Today I thought of an interesting idea... What if Woozworld Zhacked the items? Now This is just another point of view. I dont actually believe thats what happened, just thought about it and decided to write it!

Okay so... What if Woozowrld Zhacked the items to make Woozworld more interesting, just so they could release the outfits again (colorable odbvi) to make more money! I mean if they did that it effeminately worked! People bought them so there rares werent zhacked, And Woozworld didnt have to come up with one creative idea.. 

I dont actually think that happened xD but it would have been a really smart idea.. But its okay. Sorry Im not posting a ton... I have soccer everyday! So on weekends I try to post! C: Thanks


Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge!

Hey Woozens! xD Second Post in like 10 minutes O_O Oh well! So alot of people are doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge virtually C: (Me being one of them) So i thought I would post 2 of them! The One on the top is Dina's and the bottom is Noah's! Mine wont load.... ENJOY! -Nat