Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nail Polish For Woozens? I vote yes! Easter just around the block?

Hey there Crazers!<3 So recently I've been obsessed with my holiday present which was 50 different shades of nail polish. I am a total girly girl I can not help but swoon over it! Although my nails are messed up I can't wait to have time to try it! I'm so excited. I tried this cool design with baby pink and studs. So gorgeous!! They should make nail polish for woozens. We could totally rock it o_-  But down to the holidays. Happy Easter! I don't celebrate it but it is an absolutely ah-dorable holiday. I once convinced my mom to let me hunt for some eggs when we were on vacation at a farm. I'm sad to say some chickens weren't born.. Anyway this year I'm decorating eggs for a preschool egg hunt since I love art. I've made some cool swirly line things and I'm so excited. I'm a chocolate fanatic! This would so be the perf holiday for me! Lucky you, crazers! Lovin those chocolatey eggs!! C:
Buh bye Hons <3
Stephgirl10 (Girly)

(Apologies I havent had time to do my logo :C)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Holidays

Hey readers!

I realise I haven't posted for quite a few months, and lots of people have maybe forgotten about me, or just missed my posts. I didn't really have the time to post for a while, but hopefully now I'll try and post much, much more for you all! Okay, so moving on...


Don't you just love Easter? Family-fun movies, chocolate Easter eggs and of course, lots of fun activities planned on woozworld for you guys to take part in over the holidays!

I guess that's it for now, but don't forget to comment your thoughts on my posts, and message me on woozworld (LeahXD) or email me on Google ( if you have any questions or new ideas for the blog. I'd love to hear from you! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

About Me (Libbyloolaloo)

Hey all, So when I first started blogging I did'nt really bother telling you anything about me. Which I thought was a bit unfair as It's hard to know me as I practically ignore many strangers.
So, I thought.. With all this free time I have, why don't I tell you?
Here is the about me of Libbyloolaloo a.k.a MWA. WARNING: There are ALOT of question's and many that are nooot exactly needed.

-What kind of phone do I have?
I don't own a phone at the moment, Well, I do. But it is just a cheap one for school.
-What is my favorite colour?
 -What TV programs/shows do I watch?
The Dumping Ground, The next step, Austin and Ally, Toddlars and Tiaras.. etc.
-Who do I like/fancy?
Nobody, and besides it is none of your business.
-What music do I listen to
 I listen to Pop, and I will let you into a little secret. I listen to a little bit of country!
-Who is my favorite singer?
-What is my favorite drink?
Tropical Fizz.
-What is my favorite holiday?
I would dream to go to New York, It is not the kind of holiday people would think of realistically but it's not about what others like, it's what I like and enjoy. There's no point in going somewhere if you don't want to be there? as your mood would spoil it for everyone.
-If I had a Saturday to myself, what would I be doing?
Well, Saturday's are always for myself. So, Woozworld, Singing.. Idk.
-Where is my family from?
-When I am sad, what comfort's me?
I say it all out loud to myself, then breathe.
-Who is my favorite actress/actor?
Maia Mitchell.
-If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
New York.
-What is my middle name?
Personal sorry.
-What is my favorite book?
Any book from the Dork Diaries series is a winner for me! :)
-What is my favorite food?
Spaggheti Bolagnese.
-What sports do I most enjoy?
SkittleBall, DodgeBall, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Netball.
-What is my favorite movie?
Princess Protection Program.
-What is my boyfriends name?
-What is my dream or what are my goals?
To become a singer.
-What is my favorite hobby?
-What is my favorite animal?
-If I was reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?
Um, I do like Zebra's I have no idea why. But, I think I would love to be a Monkey. As, they are aweosome.
-What is my biggest fear?
Most people say it's heights, or bugs. But, to me. It's dying. I would lvoe to live forever. But, then you would have to watch the people you love die. Until eventually there's no-one left.
-Who is my rock/biggest support?
Family. ;)

Yes, that is a few unimportant thing's about me! Enjoy. OR NOT?

Bye my fashionistas! Love you always :)

Byeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3

Libbyloolaloo XOXO

Monday, April 7, 2014

OOTD#1/ New blogger

Hellow loves <3 Its the one and only…. HEARTRIVER!
 A you all know  i have been accept for this blog as a  fashion blogger to help out this blog and To start this off im gonna post 9 facts about me and do a little fashion post for you guys!
1.) I love the color *Hot pink*
2.) Im 14 years old '.'
3.) Im obssed with woozworld
5.) I have a dog named Bella <3
6.) I'm my schools fashionista
7.) I've been blogging since 10 i believe
8.) Im always in a happy mod
9.) I do alot of contest And i give away insane prizes '.'


Outfit containing
Shoes-Rockqueen shoes
plain patteren skirt
smile face shirt
sleep over hair

When to wear it

I belive that you could wear this during when you hanging out with friends,
honestly  this is like my signature outfit so like you no its me even though you don't see my name * YOU GO GIRL!* xD. But like foreal this outfit looks good for like a normal day,

Bye loves <3

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashionista Time!

Hey Crazers!
Your very own fashionista updating you with the top trends this week!

Outfit 1

On Outfit 1 it is a perfect outfit if you were going to have a little dance, or an outing.

A tight fitted dress, Hair is up and out of the way, A nice cap to style up the look also. Don't forget the cute trainers! <3 This outfit is just.. FAB.

Outfit 2

All I can say is, This outfit has GEEK written all over it. Where are the glasses though, Aye?

Outfit 3

Finally, the last outfit. Who said scarfes and beanies were just for winter? NOBODY. Well, someone did. But, just ignore their point, We are still STYLING the STYLE with this look no one could take their eyes off.

I hope you Crazers enjoyed this post, as I sure enjoyed making it ;)
Keep checking back to the blog for more updates. -FINGERS CROSSED-
Or, If only Meme and I post, It's the effort were putting into this blog though right? That's what's important, were doing it for YOU. Not ourselves. YOU. To make our Crazer's happy.

Love you all my darling's!


~The Fashionista

Friday, February 7, 2014

AgentBlue10 Is Now AgentWooz A Animator And More :O?

Hai Guys! X) Meme Here! <3 With Some... Exciting? News :D Okay So As We All Know There Are Four Animators: Mya, Jenny, Max And Jay But Could There Possibly Be A FIFTH One? As Of Today 07/02/14 :O Check Out What I Found: 

Apparently There Is Others But IDK OF Them So Yeah o.0 What Do You Guys Think?

Cheche <3
Stay Awesome <3