Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sign Off


Well, I recently just made a sign off that I just LOVE. I must show you it! Yes, I used PIZAP which I hate so much but all the cutting was done on PIXLR. The best way you can create this is by searching: 'Tumblr Transparents' DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE WHITE BACKGROUNDS WHEN YOU CLICK ON A PICTURE, YOU MUST HAVE A GREY AND WHITE SQUARED ONE. (If you didn't know what transparent was ok)

Anyway, this is the final image!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The background was white, but it seems to look greyish to me.. but I still like the way it turned out. :)

Honestly, it took me about 3 hours and it was so simple.


*Sinz editing tutorial step 2*

So hey guys, As you all know, Earlier i posted a blog post on how to remove the background behind the woozens. And i'm hoping it helped xD

Today, I will explain how to put that transparent picture on a different background which is:

So, Get readdy peeoopppppleee!

1. Open gimp!

2. Go to file> Open> and open a picture of the background you want to put the transparent picture on. (Search for the location)

3. Then, If you check your layers, I'm guessing you can see the background.

4. Now create a new layer, By right-clicking on your layers panel and the "New layer". (Ps. If you cannot see your layers, On the top, Click windows> dockable dialogues> layers.)

5. Now drag the transparent picture to gimp, Or open it in file> open> then open your transparent picture.

6. The transparent picture will appear on the gimp place, Now use the moving tool and move the picture to your desired place.

7. After you have moved your transparent picture to the place you like it best on your ready to save.

8. Go to file> Export as> save as PNG file.


*Its Time To Rock Halloween*

So hey guys! Sinz here again <3
As you all know, Its halloween (Duh bruh). And we're all rocking it with the amazing store outfits? ;)
So today, i'm just going to review those outfits and also talk about Jay's unit contest!


 Hair- I think the hair is perfect for the season, I know its huge and that not everyone likes it, But i'm sure woozworld has done some work on giving a dramatic effect to the hair by making it poofy and adding that cute little crown. 8/10

Dress- Well personally, I also love the dress, But i think its almost similar to one of the previous ball gowns. And also, They could've made the glittery stuff more visible. If they did, I would be the first to buy this! 6/10

Bottom and shoes are just correctly matching!

#Outfit2 #Dolloween 

 Hair- I absolutely love the hair! I love the tiny fringe, The pigtails, And how the hair is wide, With those little cute ribbons! Its just nice, And gives it a more Halloween effect. 9/10

Dress- I love the dress! I like how the dress looks shattered and destroyed, And still tends to look cute, I also like the design and the way the dress is, I think we'll be ready for halloween with this! 9/10

Face- I like the face, I like the stichy look on the lips and the mega-cute eyes! It looks so spooky for a girl and i think its amazing. Matches the idea of the outfit. (The face reminds me of Annabelle, Doesn't it? o-0) 8.5/10

 Bottoms and shoes are amazing as well, I'm not sure what i'd rate them! 

#Outfit3 #Esqueleta

Hair- I love the hair, I love the way they have added the flowers like a headband, Looks so amazing! Although i wish they added a bit more of the "spookyness". 8/10

Dress-  The dress is good as well! The flowers match the hair, Although again, It lacks the Halloween style. And also, It looks a bit too simple! 7/10

 Face- I love the face! It looks so skeletony, Amazing! I also love the idea of those beautiful designs, and the skull earrings! 9/10 

#Outfit4 #Droidful #Male

 Hair/Head- I like the head, it looks spooky, and amazing on boys as well! 8/10

Top, Bottom-  The bottom and the top and also well matching to the outfit, It all looks so creative and amazing, Boys, I'm sure your gonna rock Halloween as well! 8/10

#Outfit5 #Ichabod

Full review- I love the idea of the skull and the broken hand. It looks very spooky and i personally would wear that if i was a guy xD I think it looks very good. 9/10 

And so, We're done with reviewing the outfits! (I'm sorry i couldn't give amazing reviews, The outfits where all nice, But its just hard to know whats good or not when your in love with most!)

Lets go to talking about the Halloween unit contest. 
So, Jay held a contest where you have to create a Halloween unit eventz.
If in case anyone wins, You get to CO-HOST! You get to co-host the woozworld halloween 2014 party! You only have to use the halloween unitz from shopz to enter the contest.

I'm hoping you guys win! I'm sure all your entries will be all equally amazing :)
Ps. We're going to have another fashion friday :o 



Hiya LOLLYS! :)

Okay, so on Tuesday I posted a shcedule then realised I do not want to keep to that. I prefer posting what I want, so I decided to. So, that shedule can be ignored.

Anyway, have you heard? NEW FASHION FRIDAY?
That's cool! Coming on October 31st which you all know as HALLOWEEN! Mya said we can't ask for deadmau5, domo or bratz and uniks. I don't mind that much tbh, because no offence but they were ugly anyway and I prefer other outfits with a nice theme. 

 New outfits as well, for the halloween party on October 31st at 6PM WT!

Glitz and Rocky are not together anymore, and someone else is asking to be hers. Still no answer from Glitz yet though.

But they guy 'DeviousDean' said: Glitz, I may not be the richest of guys. But, I have a big heart. I love you alot, and your the only girl I want in my life. I know you go through alot, so I want to stop that. I want to be more than just a friend, I want to say I love you, and kiss when your sad. Glitz, will you be mine? <3

Also, here's his profile:
That's all for now! Catch up with you all later! Bye :)