Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hey Crazers, the title.. don't ask o.0 So, summer for me is almost over on Aug. 11th. Sadly. High School Life yayayayay .-.! So, I really won't know how much I will be posting. Hopefully at the least 3 times a week. But anyways, let's not get school in the way of unhappiness! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Here is the random stufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Ummmm. Yeah?!!?? So here are some basic fashion tips, that I haven't really put into mind.
1.) Don't think, just desginnnnnnnnn!
2.) When you create your own look for Woozens, send them into woozworld (; Maybe your creation will come to woozworld!
4.) I think they should add accessories. Like yaaaaaaaaaas.
Okay, now that I changed the topic. I am gonna just state what they should add to Woozworld..
1.) Nailpolish, I think yes gurl, yes.
2.) We should be able, to like drive and stuff. xD
4.) We should be able to pick our own poses, like the whole hand on the hip is soooo basic, and the whole guys arms droopy look, is like no.
5.) We should be able to make our own shopz with what we create. Like, let us create tops and stuff.
6.) A colorable day, was such a great idea, whoever stated it. I love that idea, cause I wanna make most of my stuff a different color '-'!
7.) The whole filter... really, the most simple words are blocked.. can we not.
8.) We should give gifts. Like that would be perfect. Like, not trade, but like they recieved a box when they logged on or something like that.
9.) More YouTube video contest, like the Easter one, that would be fun.
10.) A day where we could buy any nontransferable thing, like old stuff or the new.
Those are basically it! New post tomorrow! (;
Byeee! -ShayShayXoXo
P.s. I have been working on a new idea for a whole exiting my blog picture kinda thing, I still have no idea what I will be doing xD Maybe one kinda like my YouTube cover or something! And sub to me(; ShayShayXoXo Wzw!!

Contest Video!

Hey Crazers! I finally Finished the Contest Video! Here It Is!

Sorry For the Short Post :C Im working on a big story though!
(new Sign Off Coming)