Tuesday, August 19, 2014


AHHHHH!! Crazers im sure you know that WNS features Jenny Swift and she wears a country outfit and its super cute! But the best part to me isnt the adorable dress or the wavey hair, its the SHOES!!! AHHH THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE! They are just like Vans and Vans are my favorite type of shoe! Sorry for the short post... I just had to express that thought xD!

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Hi Crazers! Long time no see... Sorry about that. I've been on vacation and I still am. So I havent posted much. Today imma talk about School... Woozworld School. Woozband has some school unitz but you cant go in them.. It says you next fall when you try. Im wondering when there gonna open it. My summer is almost over.. I go back to school early September, but unlike some people im NOT quitting or planning on quitting. Some popular Woozworld Schools are Talent High and Sabster High. There is a college called Woozers College. And there are some fashion schools. At sabster they have a classroom for fashion, but Im opening a prestiges academy. Its called Chic Fashion Academy. Its no where close to done, but Im hoping to finish a peice by school time. I have the first classroom done... Out of so many :C My schol requires audition. You must have a mini fashion were you show off 2-3 outfits, give them names, and then we score you. If you qualify your in! Yay! Not too hard! Hope you guys enroll! (Messge me xD). Thats all for today! Thanks Crazers! I hope to keep posting, but Im on vacaion and have 3 honors classes so It might be hard!

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