Thursday, October 30, 2014

1 Day Until #FashionFriday

Hay crazy crazers! c: Meme here! c: I'm really sorry for not starting my scheduled posts yet but i've been SUPER busy this week but I PROMISE i'll start next week! :D Also me and craze's very own admin helper libbyloolaloo are going to be starting a new help and tips page for craze so bloggers and trials, especially those who are hoping to be an admin helper message me if you're interested in either contributing to the page or helping design it and come up with features! And viewers stay tuned! ;D

Anyways on to the actual post! After a loongg week of waiting tomorrow is FINALLY fashion friday starting at 12:01 pm and i'm not sure about you but i'm excited for what they have in store for us so just keep saving for one more day! (: Here are the 1 and 2 day to go post:

Confirmed items I know the name of: 
Zombie leggings
Bowtea dress
Hearteva hair
Sunchic hair
Carnawooz skirt
Epic crop top

~Signing off
Meme <3 p="">

Royals Win!

Hello, Libby here! :)

Well, great news for the royals team on Woozworld who won the collecting contest. The thronecoming dance will now be a ROYAL Eventz. :) Sadly, I was on the Rebel Team but no worries. C:

Also, I would like to say trial bloggers, I am wishing you luck! Especially as I see marandayes is on her last day of trial. :3 Good luck. x Also, SecretRemedy (loving the username) and jennyfaraxi if your reading, please accept the email on your gmail account to start blogging! :D Can't wait to see you posting!

Also, LeahXD at this specific moment I think she has left the game.. which is really upsetting as she is one of my best friends. Well, she was my best friend. I miss her, and I am hoping she comes back. 

Leah has spent alot of time with me though, loves her so much. <3

Anyway, Bye for now! :) Hope to see you all soon on a new post. :D